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Welcoming the New Year at 4:08pm

Happy New Year, folks!

It has definitely been a hot minute since I was consistently active on this site. I, of course, have half-a-dozen excuses, but none of them matter because I'm back!

With that said, it will probably be another week before I roll back into the old rhythm, as far as daily posts and my writerly entries.

As of now, The Sworn Defender is complete. I'm just waiting for a few good people to finish reading it and share their feedback on the draft, and I'm waiting for the paperback cover as well. I hope to publish/ release it sometime this month, but that decision is out of my hands for now.

In the weeks and months following Defender's release, I also hope to periodically update the Bestiary with new entries, but that is also not quite in my control.

While I am waiting for matters with this book to conclude, I have begun my next project!

I have plans to write another series of books, but before then, I aim to dabble with a short-ish sort of miniseries. They'll debut directly to this website, be free to read, and (per the current plan) be eight chapters long. I am incredibly eager to share this with others, but I've only just started writing the first chapter. With that said, this will likely come around February or March, possibly even later if I feel it needs more time to simmer.

As far as updates, that's pretty much it. I'm trying to take a breath now that the dust is settling, but I find my mind racing and my imagination pouring forward. I'm having fun, and I hope to share this feeling with you all.

Until next time,

The Ranger

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