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Trees and Mountains

Concept Art

Visualizing A World


Khora and Edmund encounter Grim while searching the ruins of Oliver's Cabin.

Prince of Azra

Depiction by Z. Urtes

bless of light.png

The Blessing of Divine Light

"...Its power does not lie purely in mending flesh nor dispelling sickness; it can also feed energy to that which lies within every living thing; the soul, the spirit, one’s essence— whatever you might choose to call it. That, in turn, can greatly restore the physical form. This Blessing is also known to amplify the vitality of its bearers: grant a longer life, a greater strength, and sometimes even a more enduring flesh."
The Sworn Defender

Depiction by S. Loza

bless of fire.png

The Blessing of Fire

"Destruction. Great and vast and total. That is likely the thought that comes to one’s mind when it draws to the Blessing of Fire. It is a widespread notion even among my own people... While elves are unable to hold Blessings, they can channel Ethereal energy just as we do; I have heard of their shamans using the power of Fire to burn away disease, banish darkness, and to purify and perfect their own crafts. It gives me hope that there is still much for us to study and learn from them."
The Sworn Defender

Depiction by S. Loza

blessing of confusion.png

The Blessing of the Deceiver

"The Blessing of the Deceiver opens the path for, what I believe to be, some of the most dangerous magic to ever grace this realm. Long ago, I learned of a sorcerer who defeated armies, conquered kingdoms, and turned the hearts of nations to his side— all with his words. Because, you see, this Blessing is capable of more than meager illusions that prey upon our sight; no, it can entrap the mind, ensnare the heart, and tell tales that any who hear will be compelled to believe."
The Sworn Defender

Depiction by S. Loza

The Kingdom of Azra and adjacent lands Parchment JPG.jpg

The Kingdom of Azra

A map presenting Azra and the lands surrounding the kingdom.
Depiction by C. Holtjer

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