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Prince of Azra

(First Edition)

December 2, 2019

This was my first attempt at writing and self-publishing a novel. While I realize it was much more flawed than I could have conceived- it holds a very dear place in my heart. It was my first real creation, and my heart and soul dictated everything within it. Even the cover was designed by a close friend and myself with our most determined efforts. While it lacked professionalism and clarity, it carried the same theme that would be realized in the second edition's cover.


Prince of Azra

(Second Edition)

May 13, 2020

A result of all of my ambitions and my refusal to remain content, I proudly present "Prince of Azra." This title follows Prince Lucian on his journey East in search of a nature spirit- a being capable of providing a gift of power. Accompanied by his longtime guardian, Richard, and a steadfast warrior, Khora, the Prince believes success is all but guaranteed. However, there is danger lurking beyond Azra's watchful eyes. Neither Lucian nor his allies could have foreseen the challenges they'd be forced to overcome, and the sins of the past that dwelled in the shadows.


The Sworn Defender

May 5, 2021

Immediately following the events of Prince of Azra, The Sworn Defender sees an end to the mission Prince Lucian and his companions set out to complete. With the nature spirit’s gift in hand, Azra’s defenders must finally journey home and challenge the sorcerer that threatens them. However, much has changed since their departure, and the path home is filled with dangers — both new and old — that have stirred beneath a darkness that now walks the earth. With the return of ancient monsters and a surge of dark magic, can Tala’s gift prevail against Azra’s enemies? Or will it, too, fall before the flames?


Son of Blood and Ink

Coming Soon

Maynor Rune-Written has one task: to help free the city of Duras from the vampires that have infested it. Yet, after days of careful planning and nights of violent fighting, the crisis is no closer to an end than it has ever been. The runic tattoos marked in his flesh are the only thing keeping Maynor in the fight, but with each cut he makes in his skin to feed the arcane etchings, his mind grows ever distant. As the threat of vampirism only worsens and the next night draws near, there’s no telling if those sworn to defend Duras will live to see another day—or if Maynor Rune-Written will be among those who do.


Secrets of Summerstone: Shadows

Coming Soon

The isle of Summerstone has long been known as a land cursed to bear the darkest of the realm's creatures—monsters born from the hand of a most depraved god. However, many of the beasts that once painted the world of mortals in shadow and blood have been culled from the earth, living on only in the records of the brave huntsmen that tore them from this life. Yet, just as the defenders of Summerstone have perfected their craft, so has their original enemy... and, as a vicious act unfolds at the isle's edge, his designs for these lands begin to take shape once more.

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