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M.A. Rubalcava



I've always been interested in fictional worlds, from the dark alleys of Gotham City to the highrises of Coruscant, and the meadows of the Shire to the cabins at Camp Half-Blood. Eventually, I started making my own worlds, and I haven't stopped since. It is my goal to build as much as my imagination will allow, and leave my mark on the pages we read.


Thank you for your interest in my works.


"My interest in writing began early in my high school career, after I “concluded” my middle-school, pre-teen dystopian novel phase with the Legend series. My fascination with futuristic stories has inspired me to create my own worlds and share the tales that make them what they are. I’ve also dabbled in writing small pieces of prose and realistic fiction, but ultimately hope to write my very own novel. "

- Gabe


Guest Writers

About the Posse

Ahead of this section, you will find profiles for the guests that have posted on this site's blog. Whether it's a writing prompt, an in-depth analysis of the movie Shrek, or more random nonsense—you will find them here.


"Ethan is best known for his diligence and consistent work ethic. He is a hardworking student who strives to leave his mark wherever he goes. When not in the classroom, Ethan tends to enjoy various outdoor activities, and is a member of his school’s track and field program. If he isn’t working his mind or his body, he might be found admiring the natural world around him, or spending time with his brothers and friends. Ethan is a very ambitious person, a trait that might only be succeeded by his drive to meet the goals he has set for himself."

- Michael

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