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Being A Giant Liar at 4:20pm

So, last time we were here, I may have made certain promises -- as far as site activity and such -- that I definitely did not keep. What really ended up happening was an extended break, one that lasted as long as my academic break did.

So, because I'm an idiot-man, I've decided to resume everything at the same time. My writing here, as well as my regular story writing, is starting back up as of now. I also intend to return to my gaming channel shenanigans, though, that will be on more of a "when it's fun/possible" schedule.

I am, after all, trying to complete a short story before this semester ends. I've named it "Secrets of Summerstone: Shadows." It takes place a fair amount of time (a hundred years, give or take) after Prince of Azra/The Sworn Defender. It follows one of Summerstone's monster hunters as he and his partner attempt to uncover a vicious mystery that has begun to unfold across the land.

As far as The Sworn Defender, I'm waiting on feedback/criticisms/thoughts on it to do one final editing/proofing pass. Then I should be ready to publish it.

On a final note, before I submit this post, I plan to make Wednesday the day for my updates. Although it is wholly possible that I make posts on other days, my aim is for my weekly returns to occur then.

That's about it for now.

The Ranger

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