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Stalling a Post at 10:21pm

I feel like I've been extremely off my rhythm in the last few days.

I feel that whenever that happens, it's something I can usually blame on being unproductive. And, funny enough, I've been watching a few movies recently (Reference Friday's Post regarding Harry Potter).

However, I've been staying on top of my writerly duties. I just finished and revised a chapter that closed up the middle of my novel. I am very much in the final stretch of writing The Sworn Defender, and I'm beyond excited.

The narrator for the audiobook adaptation of Prince of Azra has been very easy to work with as well, and the process for adding new art to the site is ongoing. Things are looking up.

Yet, I still feel like something is off.

It could be the cabin fever finally settling in after all this time. Been staying home since late February, so I lasted quite a while.

All I can do is keep on moving, and then I can finally take a break once Sworn Defender is off to the print.

Hoping to have that out by October (**fingers crossed**), but it will definitely be this year. I think I'm only about eight or so chapters away from finishing- which I should be done with by the end of the month. And that gives me a few weeks to do some more revising, and get thoughts from whoever I can get to read it.

I've had a steady beta reader for the last two months or so (Thank you, K.C., much love), which has helped immensely with spotting little things I've missed, and sentences that don't sound too great. That makes me think another pair or two of eyes can make The Sworn Defender's release go much smoother than Prince of Azra.

I am not going to let this title have a second edition, so I have to get everything under a microscope just to be safe. Just to be safe.

That's about all for an update today. I'm kicking off another chapter in maybe 16 minutes, and tomorrow I'll probably be watching Order of the Phoenix-- in bits so I can still pretend to be productive.

Today I got an email regarding the new Avengers game due out in September. That was a wake-up call that I need to be done with at least all the chapters before then so I can focus entirely on that game. Ok, maybe not entirely, but a great deal of attention.

Been on my list for some time.

Anyways, I hope anyone who reads this has a great rest of the week. Even if you're someone who happens to read this on a Saturday at 11:56pm. Enjoy your four minutes of a good week.

You have no choice in the matter.

The Ranger, now off to look up synonyms

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