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Slinging an Update at 2:58pm

So, this is just a quick update because I definitely feel like I've been shirking my responsibility to this blog.

First off, and, I believe, most importantly, I have just entered the beginning of the end for The Sworn Defender. Yesterday I wrapped up Chapter Nineteen, and am now sitting at around 80,300 words. Going to polish it off right now before starting up Chapter Twenty, but yeah I am in the home stretch. I have a predicted five more chapters to go, along with an epilogue-- then that would be the end of The Sworn Defender. Gonna do a copy-pass and call it a second draft, expand a few areas but otherwise I do believe the work as a whole is more refined than one might expect, especially after Prince of Azra. I've had my loyal beta reader (K.C.) going along with me, basically holding my hand, and giving me her thoughts as she reads the chappies I put out.

Next up, my blog posts will continue, but will be limited for the near future. This heat is absolutely killing me-- so I've evacuated my room. I've brought my set up to the living room, but I don't usually do work on my laptop, so it's a change of pace that is less than welcome. All my energy here is going to the final laps of The Sworn Defender, anyway.

I'm going to try to coerce Gabe into a guest post to fill the ranks, but we'll see.

Also, on a separate note, I am weak and my word means nothing. By that, I mean to say that I ended up buying the Avengers game anyway. It's been fun, definitely, but a lot of the issues I had with it in the beta persisted. Maybe it's just the Marvel fanboy in me that has me going.

On a better note, The Boys has returned with a second season. That's it... this show is just great.

Alright, well I'm off, back to the grindstone.

The Ranger, now going to revise

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