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Slinging an Update #2 at 11:34am

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Today there will be not one,

not two,


No wait, it is two. Today there will be Two blog posts. I try to keep from doing more than one entry in a day, but this time it really couldn't be helped. As you, the reader, may or may not have noticed, I've finally added creature profiles to my Bestiary.

It's something that I've had on the burner for a while now, and I decided a while back that each profile would also be joined by a bestiary blog post that delves into my ideas and inspirations with each monster. Not all of my creatures are original, so it'll also go into why I chose specific beasts over others, or maybe the personal importance behind each one.

All I know is I like going into detail for that kind of thing, and I feel it's cool supplementary material that any potential fan of my work may find interesting. It's... it's also extra material for my blog that doesn't take much more effort than recounting my thought process.

Yes, I'm cackling.

Anyway, I've added six creatures to the bestiary, today's post will revolve around the griffin, and Wednesday's (or Friday's) will go on to the shade, and so on and so forth.

Blog posts have decreased in upload rate, and will likely stay that way as I've really entered Final Stretch time. I'm three chapters (+ epilogue) away from wrapping up The Sworn Defender, and I'm clocked in at maybe 93,000 words.

So, that's the update I've got for now.

Hope you check out the Bestiary and the bestiary posts and enjoy them.

The Ranger, now going to eat breakfast

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