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Making More Reviews at 12:42pm

Hello, this will be another short update because I am deeply embroiled in this fight I'm depicting right now in The Sworn Defender.

I feel like it's taking me longer than usual to write out my chapters, too, actually; it's something I've been realizing lately. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I need to be more meticulous as I near the end chapters, or if there's some innate nervousness I have about closing the door on this story-- one that's sort of keeping me from charging in with my usual fervor. I do know I'm still having a blast writing out this adventure, but I am definitely seeing a change in my own pace.

Another Ranger Review will be coming; I have a few things I'm looking at, specifically the Marvel's Avengers game (I have nearly completed the campaign), The Boys season 2, and Crusader Kings III. So, there will be at least one review in the next few weeks regarding one of these topics. If I have the opportunity, maybe more than one-- here's hoping.

Besides that, I can't say there's much else going on. I officially return to class on October 21st, so I'm trying to wrap everything up before then without letting my head explode. Which is... definitely a challenge. Nonetheless, I'm taking it one step at a time.

And that's all anyone can do, really.

The Ranger, off to write a fight

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