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Listening to Medieval Music at 1:42pm

I forgot I had saved this playlist from Spotify like forever ago. I think me listening to this playlist actually predates my writing Prince of Azra. It was probably around one of my earlier writing attempts -- of which I have a few, and hopefully most of them will see the light of day.

I'll leave a link to the playlist at the bottom for anyone interested, but it's just what I have on shuffle while I write this and revise Chapter 14 of The Sworn Defender (Yes! I finished 13, finally).

I'm a bit excited about my WIP right now. I've reached 44,154 words, and I'm just scratching the halfway mark (my predicted one, anyway). On top of that, I've just finished depicting a scene that I've had in my head long before I even wrote Prince of Azra's last chapter.

And I'm moving to another similar soon as well.

Things are looking well, now I just have to wait for my beloved beta reader to tell me her thoughts on the last handful of chapters, so I know if the flow is off or not. She's not much of a fan when it comes to medieval fantasy, so she's good at calling me out on my shit and telling me what works and what doesn't.

Speaking of what works, I am super into Where Shadows Lie. I'm maybe 40% through with the whole thing, and I am in it for the long haul.

Before this blog, I feel like the books I enjoyed were not a topic of much discussion. Most of them were very popular franchises adored and lauded by the world, so it didn't seem to matter much. It was only after immersing myself more in the same community I want to open up to my books that I realized I was not much of a reader at all.

Where Shadows Lie (by Allegra Pescatore) is my first step into opening up my reading intake. A lot of sources also tend to agree that it's good to read within your genre. While I believe, Where Shadows Lie is not strictly in my Fantasy corner, it has been a very good read so far.

Also, just started watching You on Netflix. A bit more graphic than I expected. There's nothing wrong with that, I mean, I've seen Game of Thrones, but it was just unexpected. I remember how shocked I was when I saw nudity on Netflix's The Witcher. Is this post going to paint me as a conservative and prudish old man? I hope not, because that couldn't be further from the truth.

Not much of a big update here. I think Monday posts might be reserved for general updates, but we'll see. I'm feeling a bit too lazy to make a new post category, but who knows. People can surprise you.

The Ranger, now going to check the basement book locker

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