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Finding my Honor at 2:17pm

For the last few weeks, I would intermittently watch Avatar (the one that matters) on Netflix, but recently I saw it was on its way to breaking a record on the streaming service for most-watched daily - or something like that - for fifty or some days in a row. I immediately upped my rate of watching just to keep it in the lead.

I watched it while I ate breakfast.

I watched it while I ate lunch.

I watched it before I went to bed.

I thought about it in my dreams.

And now, literally four minutes ago, I have again finished Sozin's Comet. I also got teary-eyed at least three times.

In other news, I'm going to start watching Legend of Korra soon. This is MY endless cycle.

I'll probably wait a day or two before getting on that, as I've hit, arguably, one of the most important milestones in my current WIP. I also have no tears left to see a world that doesn't have Aang in it. Although, it should be known without question that I am a huge fan of Korra's series. I did, after all, name a character after her.

Another thing that has picked up my interest is Ghost of Tsushima, a new game developed by Sucker Punch Studios.

Honor is also a big theme in this title, as you explore the world through the eyes of Jin Sakai- a lone samurai charged with protecting his island home from Mongol invaders. The question becomes, when outnumbered and under-equipped, how far can one go without sacrificing their principles?

It's a question I'm eager for this journey to answer.

Man, am I now being tempted to write reviews on here? Would that... would that be cool? Or, I guess the better question is: Would that be interesting to the invisible readers?

I don't know, but it'll be fun for me, so there's that.

Now I wish I had thought of this earlier, because I totally could have done an initial post on my expectations and thoughts, and follow it with an actual review when I was done.

There I go, missing out on material.

Also, I hope those of you in the phantom audience enjoyed the prompts posted on Wednesday. I'm very excited to have Gabriel be a part of this. I am also very eager to introduce more guest writers in the coming weeks.

Any guest writers who come aboard to do posts will likely not have a set schedule like I do, and instead appear in the wild intermittently. Though I do hope to have at least one guest post/prompt a week and have it be on Wednesday- but that is still uncertain.

Anyway, I watched Avatar for most of the morning, and then immediately wrote this. Which means I have things to do before I can get back on my writerly duties.

(I see you, Chapter 13!)

The Ranger, now going to wash the dishes

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