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Finding a Rhythm at 10:57am

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I'm starting to realize I'm going to have to be consistent with my posts on here if this blog is going to mean anything.

I'm thinking I'll do an update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday- after a week or two of mostly daily posting, though. I want to build this up a little first before I let myself relax.

Although this does almost seem relaxing as an activity itself. Which is weird to me, because I've never really been the kind of guy to just ramble off on the internet to a phantom audience.

Well, new roads and all that.

I guess this post is really me writing about what to expect with this sort of thing, and what I'll likely post about- besides random and awkward prattling, of course.

I know it's customary for writer blogs to talk about tips and tricks and everything in-between. I don't know about that, though. I'm not going to pretend to be some kind of expert because I'm really not. I'm just a dude with a hyper-active imagination and a passable vocabulary.

If anything, I might write about the different things I did to get here. What worked for me, and what didn't. The stuff I learned along the way.

I could also go through the literal process I went through to self-publish. That might be among the most useful knowledge I can give here- directed to anyone who might wish to do the same.

I've also seen that some writer blogs are much more informative? They go over educational material and try to explain/analyze it with their reader? That seems like a cool idea, but not one I'd probably ever try. I don't think I'm qualified for that sort of thing.

Besides the occasional insight into my work and the rare recommendation, this will likely revolve around my own random thoughts and feelings of the day, and whatever light topic stayed with me.

I'll try to keep most of them on title, and maybe most of them around books and my experience with them and storytelling. No promises, though.

The Ranger, now going to watch Black Clover

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