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Canceling the Avengers at 1:08pm


It's been a hot minute.

I'll be honest, I didn't expect to take a blog break. Especially not such a long one. It just so happened that I forgot to post one day, and felt kind of alright with it. Told myself I'd post at the next interval, then when I slipped past that one, kept saying the same thing.

Eventually, I sort of just accepted I might need a break. It also, whether a coincidence or a contributing factor, so happened that I was having the fight of my life with the chapter I was working on.

To be fully transparent, that fight is still dragging on, but is going much better after a whole-ass rewrite, and character changes.

I don't know if it's inappropriate to mention, but this chapter is dealing with a death. Before, the problem was the lead-up to the 'event.' Now, it's more of my execution (OOPS) of the killing.

In any case, I'm roughly 5,000 words into that chapter, and can't be more than 2,000 or so away from the end-- whether or not I choose to rewrite the instance that is giving me trouble.

This last week-and-a-half has also allowed for a good amount of introspection, and I've begun making efforts to get back into the habit of improving my drawing skills. That was one of many skills I've lazily allowed to slip in recent times.

Make no mistake, I am a horrendous illustrator, the idea is to change that.

With all this in mind, I have canceled the Avengers. At least, my pre-order for the Avengers game coming out next week(~?). I haven't even finished Ghost of Tsushima, which is a godsend and a wonderfully crafted experience, so with everything I have to work on, I really should not be purchasing more video games.

I also came to this decision after the beta, which, to me personally, felt a bit lackluster. Initially, I thought maybe it was just me making a snap decision, but I often found my thoughts echoed by many others who had tried out the beta.

I won't lie, I'm still very interested in the game Crystal Dynamics has made. I might buy it down the line, or maybe once it reaches a good sale. Hell, I'll probably watch a Youtube walkthrough of it during its premiere week, but I won't play it myself. Not any time soon, at least.

That's pretty much it for this post, just a quick update and a declaration of my return. I'll be posting a story prompt on Wednesday, Gabe will be the one to give me the word that morning. So, back to business, really.

Avengers, disassemble.

The Ranger, now making breakfast

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