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Supporting a Cause at 5:54pm

It seems like there's a new disaster sprouting up every other day now. Whether it's the ever-present predatory laws and prejudiced profiling that runs rampant across the US, or tragedies like the one that unfolded in Beirut and has impacted thousands of people-- there is no end to the devastation.

Even when news outlets move on to their next segments, much of what happened in 'last week's headlines' continues happening, and still needs to be addressed.

With that in mind, it is incredibly important to do everything you can when an opportunity to help presents itself. Standing firm and speaking out against the cruelties that ravage this world is the only thing we can do to overcome them.

I've joined a small effort to help raise money for causes that desperately need support, and will be promoting it on here, and on my socials, soon. I ask that anyone reading this, please do your part to back these movements, whether it's donating your time or money, or spreading awareness of the reality of things. There will always be ways to help, and there will always be people who need it.

Above all: please Vote, and we can make the change that must be done.

The Ranger

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