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Fighting a Slump at 3:40pm

I'm beginning to think I've entered a writing slump. Gone on for just under a week now.

Won't call it writer's block because that's not it-- I'm not out of ideas, and I know the direction I'm going in. I just keep looking over the same unfinished chapter because I'm not sure if it lands, or if it needs to be tweaked. It's a case of "Is this the appropriate time for this information? Or is this passage clunky?"

I haven't had this much difficulty with a chapter since Prince of Azra's chapter eight-- and even then I scrapped the entire thing in favor of a rewrite. Hopefully it won't go that far, but if it does... then the clippers come out.

Anyway, it all comes down to how my beta reader reacts to it. If I don't get any negative notes back, I suppose it stays. We'll see, though, maybe I decide to change it before it even leaves my hand.

I must admit that it doesn't help that I seem supremely distracted today. I can't figure out why. What I do know is that I started this entry at 3:40pm and it is now 4:53pm, so I am working very slowly to accomplish something that usually takes me no more than 20 minutes.

The upside to major distraction is that I find myself much more imaginative than I usually am (which is saying a lot). I've been plotting courses for stories that are, likely, years ahead of me. It's both thrilling and frustrating, just how far into the future some of these plots go.

I guess, with that in mind, I should probably jump back into my work. I'm aiming for a late October release, so there's no time to waste.

The Ranger, now going to force himself to write

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